How I met Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey

Living in London has its perks. When new movies get released, London is one of the many capital cities in which an upcoming movie is not only screened, but also promoted. This week on Wednesday, a new movie, and an Academy Awards contender, Dallas Buyers Club had a premier in London. This obviously meant that the main cast was present. Meaning Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were there.

As a part of their movie promotion, they got to speak to the press on Thursday (not me, even though I hope to belong into that group soon) and to the general public. The event for the public was held in the Apple Store at the Regent St. in London and anyone who reserved their place through Apple’s website could take part.

I was one of the, I would say 150, people who managed to reserve the place. We were told to come sooner, to prevent them handing our spot to someone else. I came hour and half earlier and all the seats (the four lines of seats) were taken. Nevertheless, I still managed to secure a pretty decent spot, which allowed me to see the stage perfectly.

A test photo of the stage before the event

A test photo of the stage before the event

During the hour of waiting I had a opportunity to listen to the excited chatter around, only to find out that I’m probably the only person to be there for the first time. That is, the Apple Store organises these events quiet often. Which is good for pop culture fans as me!

Before Matthew McConaughey and Jared leto arrived, someone from the Apple Store came to give us some instructions. It was pretty funny because he was like:” Who here has an iPhone? And don’t worry, this is exactly that place where you can have it!”

When Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey entered the stage, there was a lot of applause and photos being taken. They were really amazing throughout the interview with the host, making a lot of jokes. For instance, the organisers decided to play clips from the movie. However, Jared Leto hasn’t seen it yet and as such decided that while the others watch, he is going to cover his ears and look down. He was pretty funny about it. What surprised me was, he said that he doesn’t necessary go to see the movies that he is a part of. I’m not sure what exactly he said, and I don’t want to provide any incorrect info, so you should look out for the video made by the Apple Store.

The most amazing moment of the event was when the fans were allowed to ask questions. The first person to interact with the actors was a small girl, maybe 4 years old. They told her to come up the stage. It was really a cute moment. Jared Leto was the one mostly talking to the girl, but you could see in the behaviour of Matthew McConaughey that he is a father himself. You could hear “Ahhh” and “Oooh” coming from the the audience.

A small fan come up the stage to meet the actors

A small fan come up the stage to meet the actors

Very intelligent questions were asked. Matthew McConaughey was asked what he thinks about the movie industry and its influence on the world. He said the following:

Matthew McConaughey answers a question

“The reciprocity and what happens between life and art, and the exchange there..what influences each, it is pretty fascinating. I definitely think that art can well done and put ideas into our consciousness and all the sudden we find something more acceptable than we did before. All the sudden, things come to the forth front and if they do translate, they communicate with mind of the masses, all the sudden you can talk about it. It’s just usually taps into something that we either did not know and we have now learned or something that we forgot. But I definitely think, I know, there is a dance between the art and life. Now, where that line meets and where it doesn’t meet, it’s probably blurrier today than ever before.”

Jared Leto was then asked about a significant moment that he would like to think about in few years.

Jared Leto answering

“I hope to never look back. I don’t really care so much about that sort of thing. Legacy or whatever I want to leave behind. I don’t really think about…it is good to be here now. And to live dreams now. To share the dreams with all of you.”

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